Chalet Renovation Project

Dear Yellowknife Ski Club Members,

On behalf of the Yellowknife Ski Club Board of Directors, I am excited to report that the Chalet Renovation Project will begin construction this month! 

The chalet was constructed in 1996 with support from the Yellowknife Elks Lodge. The formal name of the chalet continues to be the “Yellowknife Ski Club and Elks Youth Centre” in recognition of the significant contribution the Yellowknife Elks Lodge made to the club by financing and administering the chalet following its construction. Located inside the Yellowknife city limits, the chalet remains a one-of-kind facility with a 4000 square-foot multi-functional indoor space that is surrounded by over 14 km of trails that weave through our beautiful northern wilderness. 

The chalet primarily serves our members, who have access to the facility at all hours during the cross country ski season, and provides a home for the many events and programs administered by the club. However, the chalet is also frequently utilized by other organizations, charities and kids’ camps, making it an integral part of the wider Yellowknife community.

The decision to now renovate the chalet follows the Yellowknife Ski Club Five Year Strategic Plan 2013-2018 that recognizes the chalet as our most valuable tangible asset. It directs the board to ensure the chalet is safe, well-maintained and preserved for future users, and calls on the board to expand and improve the chalet to meet the needs of our members and volunteers. These goals are well reflected in the Chalet Renovation Project Plan.

There are three key elements to the project. The most substantial changes will be to the ground floor (click here to see the ground floor plans). This space will be completely redesigned to provide a more social environment where members can comfortably relax with friends before and after skiing the trails. It will also provide a more functional space for participants in our cross country ski programs. The kitchen will be completely renovated to a higher standard that will directly benefit members and provide added incentive for potential renters of the facility (click here to see kitchen plans). The main area on the second floor will get a significant refresh with new paint, window coverings and baseboard heater covers.

Development of the design began with feedback from members. A survey was distributed that allowed members to provide comments and sketches describing what they wanted from the renovation. Their input was then reviewed by a Chalet Renovation Committee that comprised club members and subject matter experts, including Tania Hercun (Chair), Kerry Wheler, Trena Heseltine, Andrew Fox, Ray Bethke, Monte Kehler, Amanda Johnson Dunbar, Lisa Scott, Heather Scott and Mindy Willet. After years of hearing from members about the need to renovate the chalet, it is only because of the tireless efforts of Tania and the committee that we are now moving forward with the project.

Construction will begin shortly and will be completed in phases. The top floor, including the kitchen renovation, will be completed by the end of May. The ground floor is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of June, but may run longer depending on the availability of materials.

Funding for the project will come from three sources, including the Yellowknife Ski Club Chalet Reserve Fund, local fundraising and a government grant. The board will provide additional details about the project funding as part of our regular financial disclosure at the Annual General Meeting.

A core group of volunteers have stepped up to make this project happen. It comes in response to direction from members, and will go a long way to strengthening our club and community. What we need now is additional financial support from members of the Club, residents of Yellowknife and local businesses. I urge you to please visit our donation site on our homepage at and click on the Donate today raven.

If you have any questions about the Chalet Renovation Project or would like to discuss how you can provide support, please don’t hesitate to send us a message through our website or you can contact me directly at


Chris Joseph
Yellowknife Ski Club President