Coach of the year! And athletes too…

Every year our Jackrabbits program recognizes one coach who exemplifies the enthusiasm of the late Ron Seale. This year’s choice was Meghan Beveridge (pictured), who coached Level 3, and had a great time doing it. We were pleased to have this year’s award presented by Lorraine Seale and Peggy Holroyd, as well as our Jackrabbits coordinator, Kerry Wheler at the chalet on Saturday, April 6. 

On the same day, Mike Freeland, owner of Blachford Lake Lodge and John Stephenson, Blachford staff and long-term ski club volunteer, also presented the annual Blachford Lake Lodge Spirit Award, which recognizes young athletes who demonstrate enthusiasm, attendance and good spirit. In the 29th year of this award, twelve young athletes were recognized. They include:

  • Coco Otsuka
  • Winnie Naphan
  • Leah Wood
  • Thelo Vaughn
  • Viviana Scott
  • Matias Gannon
  • Elias Enns
  • Luken Bjorgan
  • Kael Enns
  • Aliana Lothian
  • Hailey Stephenson (not pictured)
  • Mayah Favre (not pictured)

Great work, guys!