Donate to the Ski Club!

You’ve had a fantastic and long season of skiing at the Club. It’s been our strongest membership year since founding in 1968. Now you wonder, how can I help to make the Club even better next year? The answer: DONATE!

Through a strategic planning exercise, the Yellowknife Ski Club has identified four fundraising priorities:

  1. Creating a cozy members’ lounge in the Chalet
  2. New trail grooming equipment to replace failing machines from the 1980s
  3. Updated and expanded trail lighting for nighttime skiing
  4. Heated equipment storage facility, that our volunteer groomers can work in.

We have depended upon tremendous community and member support over the years to get to where we are today. Donations from proud members like you can now help to get the Ski Club to the next level tomorrow.

Simply click on the new donation icon located on the right hand side of the Ski Club homepage, or click here to make your online donation now, using your credit card. Note that you can receive a CHARITABLE TAX RECEIPT for your donation.

Depending on the size of your donation, annual recognition can include: Acknowledgement in the Yellowknifer, acknowledgement in an email to the membership, a sign on the new donor recognition wall in the Chalet, a logo on the Ski Club website homepage, and an invitation to place a large sign prominently on the Ski Club property.

Again, click here to donate now!