A thank you from our Loppet organizer

From our volunteers director and loppet organizer Alyssa Titus:

What a day!  Thank you for supporting the Loppet and being part of such an amazing ski community.  We had 430 participants – a record!

A few important follow-ups:
1) BUFFS: If you had registered before Saturday and wanted a buff but the bin was empty, email me and I’ll get one to you (ykskiclubvolunteerdirector@gmail.com). I think a few people picked up an extra by accident but I have a small ‘buffer of buffs.’ Note: I’m sorry they are somewhat small/tight – I hope they work for everyone!
2) PRIZES!  To enter, post photos to social media BEFORE WEDNESDAY AT 8 pm using the hashtag #ykloppet2021 (make sure your post is open to public views if you post to your own Facebook newsfeed). If you don’t use social media, email me your photo(s). I’ve already seen 30 posts on Facebook/Instagram, and have had several emails!
  • Random draw prizes from among those who post or email photos
  • Best photo/selfie
  • Best costume
  • First-time Loppeters (no photo needed): draw prize of a free ski club membership for next season ($140)
  • Bluefish Kite-Flying Lesson via Snobear (value up to $175)
  • Overlander gift certificates ($50)
  • 12-packs of Kathi Woodward’s amazing cookies!  (I know, two cookies is never enough… so send in your photos to enter the draw! We have several cookie packs to win!)
3) THANK YOU to all our contributors and volunteers!
SPONSOR: Gold Terra. Thank you for your third year of sponsoring the Loppet, plus all you do for the Ski Club and the community!
GROOMERS: Thanks for all you have been doing this season an, and for such great trails this weekend!
  • Niels Konge and Konge Construction 
  • Adrian D’Hont
  • Stu Impett
  • Collin Stockwell
  • Kevin Hodgins
  • Ryan McCord
  • Dave Kellet
  • David Gilday
  • Shea Alain
  • Mike Palmer
  • John Stephenson – Loppet Trails Coordinator
  • YK Ski Club Groomers for past and future work with the Loppet, and great trails at the club
MAP: Dave Taylor. This is an invaluable resource that will be used long after the Loppet!
COOKIES: Kathi Woodward. Kathi has baked and donated Loppet cookies every year, and made 1,200 cookies this year! (With only a month’s notice.) Legendary.
PARKING: Weatherby Trucking. Thanks for clearing the parking lot at Walsh Lake.
  • Kelly Slack: packaged all the cookies
  • Rotary Club: assembled all the packages
  • Rae Panayi: manned the pickup station Friday
  • Sara Minogue: communications guru
  • Damian Panayi: Loppet and Zone4 expert
  • Tania Hercun, Kerry Wheler, Credence Wood, Heather Scott, Clayton Thompson, Mindy Willett: Loppet consultants
  • Everyone who offered to help but who I forgot to contact… thank you! And check in with me again next year!
Thanks again for a great day – I feel so lucky to live here.