Community Coaching

Volunteer coaching is the cornerstone to our Club’s programs.  Two national training programs – Introduction to Community Coaching and Community Coaching – provide new and seasoned skiiers with the basics of successful coaching.

The Introduction to Community Coaching (ICC) Workshop can be completed in 10 hours, and requires no skiing expertise. The focus of this workshop is on planning and leading age appropriate games and activities that will make skiing fun for children, while at the same time teaching them the key technical component of skiing – balance and rhythm.  At the end of this workshop, coaches should be comfortable teaching beginner skiers, and have the skills to plan a season and deliver an effective and safe lesson.

The Community Coaching Workshop is a 16-hour workshop for coaches who have already completed the introductory course, and who have at least one season’s experience teaching children to ski. This workshop focuses on teaching and refining the “FUNdamentals” of cross country skiing. By the end of the workshop, coaches will have learned techniques to teach diagonal stride, skating and all uphill and downhill techniques. They will also learn the appropriate progressions for these skills, as well as how to identify and correct common technique problems. Proficiency in the techniques is not required prior to participating in this workshop, but “certification” at this level requires that a coach be proficient at all the Level 5 Jackrabbit techniques.

For more information about training programs, or to sign up for the next workshop, please contact us.