Volunteer Appreciation BBQ and AGM Tuesday, June 14

You and your family are invited to our annual Volunteer Appreciation BBQ and AGM on Tuesday, June 14.

The Yellowknife Ski Club is an organization made awesome by the many people who contribute their time and efforts to create valuable outdoor experiences for our community. The result: an intergenerational group of happy people gliding through the forest all winter, regardless of temperature! It’s time to celebrate the success of the season and say thanks to y’all for helping out!

BBQ: starting at 5:30 pm. Come & go, or come & stay!

AGM: 7:00 pm – Volunteer Award presentations, review of the annual report and budget, and election of the board of directors for next season.

Complimentary babysitting is available downstairs during the AGM! Please indicate your child’s name and age HERE if you wish to use this service.

For handy reference, please find below our annual report, AGM agenda, and the minutes from last year’s meeting.