Nordic Cross this Saturday

Our last event of the season is a fun one: Nordic Cross.

Go fast or slow – anything goes on this ski/obstacle course, featuring slalom, backwards skiing, single sticking, etc. Read the full 2021 Nordic Cross Race Notice.

We expect conditions to be MUCH better than 2019 (pictured), but still fun and amazing.

Bib pickup starts at 10. Sign up here by Friday. Categories include:

  • Tots – 150m
  • Youth – 2km
  • Rec – 4 km
  • Open – 6km

A thank you from our Loppet organizer

From our volunteers director and loppet organizer Alyssa Titus:

What a day!  Thank you for supporting the Loppet and being part of such an amazing ski community.  We had 430 participants – a record!

A few important follow-ups:
1) BUFFS: If you had registered before Saturday and wanted a buff but the bin was empty, email me and I’ll get one to you ( I think a few people picked up an extra by accident but I have a small ‘buffer of buffs.’ Note: I’m sorry they are somewhat small/tight – I hope they work for everyone!
2) PRIZES!  To enter, post photos to social media BEFORE WEDNESDAY AT 8 pm using the hashtag #ykloppet2021 (make sure your post is open to public views if you post to your own Facebook newsfeed). If you don’t use social media, email me your photo(s). I’ve already seen 30 posts on Facebook/Instagram, and have had several emails!
  • Random draw prizes from among those who post or email photos
  • Best photo/selfie
  • Best costume
  • First-time Loppeters (no photo needed): draw prize of a free ski club membership for next season ($140)
  • Bluefish Kite-Flying Lesson via Snobear (value up to $175)
  • Overlander gift certificates ($50)
  • 12-packs of Kathi Woodward’s amazing cookies!  (I know, two cookies is never enough… so send in your photos to enter the draw! We have several cookie packs to win!)
3) THANK YOU to all our contributors and volunteers!
SPONSOR: Gold Terra. Thank you for your third year of sponsoring the Loppet, plus all you do for the Ski Club and the community!
GROOMERS: Thanks for all you have been doing this season an, and for such great trails this weekend!
  • Niels Konge and Konge Construction 
  • Adrian D’Hont
  • Stu Impett
  • Collin Stockwell
  • Kevin Hodgins
  • Ryan McCord
  • Dave Kellet
  • David Gilday
  • Shea Alain
  • Mike Palmer
  • John Stephenson – Loppet Trails Coordinator
  • YK Ski Club Groomers for past and future work with the Loppet, and great trails at the club
MAP: Dave Taylor. This is an invaluable resource that will be used long after the Loppet!
COOKIES: Kathi Woodward. Kathi has baked and donated Loppet cookies every year, and made 1,200 cookies this year! (With only a month’s notice.) Legendary.
PARKING: Weatherby Trucking. Thanks for clearing the parking lot at Walsh Lake.
  • Kelly Slack: packaged all the cookies
  • Rotary Club: assembled all the packages
  • Rae Panayi: manned the pickup station Friday
  • Sara Minogue: communications guru
  • Damian Panayi: Loppet and Zone4 expert
  • Tania Hercun, Kerry Wheler, Credence Wood, Heather Scott, Clayton Thompson, Mindy Willett: Loppet consultants
  • Everyone who offered to help but who I forgot to contact… thank you! And check in with me again next year!
Thanks again for a great day – I feel so lucky to live here.

Biathlon Polar Cup a success

Our biathlon range came to life over the weekend with the Biathlon Polar Cup competition. Thanks to athletes from Hay River for joining our crew, and to organizers Doug Lockhart and Belinda Whitford. 

Here’s a team shot of the Hay River athletes who joined in the event, courtesy of the Hay River Ski Club.

You’ll find more photos from the competition on the Hay River Ski Club Facebook page

A huge thank you to all the people who contributed to this event! 

Organizers: Doug Lockhart, Kerry Wheler, Chuck Lirette and Doug Swallow.

Course and Stadium Planning: John Stephenson and the amazing grooming crew and Doug Lockhart.

Course and Range Officials: Doug Lockhart, Trent Waterhouse, Lisa & Brian McShane, Judy Whitford, Carol Lockhart, Karen Wall, Chuck & Dorothy Lirette, Braam Berrub, Tamara Pellisey, Kandace Groenewegen, Philippe Breton and Tyler Hawkins.

Coaching our athletes: Marie-Eve Raymond, Myra Berrub, Trent Waterhouse

Food and supplies: Hille Kumbholz, Braam Berrub, Trent Waterhouse, Doug & Carol Lockhart, Lisa & Brian McShane, Marie-Eve Raymond, Tyler Hawkins, Ashley Coombs.

Statistics: Mark Cliffe-Phillips and Doug Swallow

Uniforms: Kirk Tastad

Thanks to our NWT Championships volunteers

Our club played host to the NWT Territorial Ski Races last weekend and it was a beauty event. We were thrilled to have over 130 skiers, including skiers from Fort Smith and Hay River, and dozens of volunteers. Congratulations to everyone who skied the course! 

You’ll find the day one (classic) results here and hereAnd day two results (free) here

Cross Country NWT has posted a few photos, and one again, the Yellowknifer caught up with the action. Thanks James McCarthy!

Let this one of two of our most hard-working coaches suffice: Mike Argue and Kevin Durkee. 

Now bear with me for the thank you’s to volunteers. Just check out this enormous list. 

Thank you!

Biathlon Polar Cup March 26/27/28

We’ll have about 20 athletes, including 14 from Hay River and six from Yellowknife, as well as several dozen parents and volunteers on site for the Biathlon Polar Cup March 26-28. The chalet will be in use by our visiting athletes so members, please cede the building to our guests (washroom use excepted) who will arrive Friday. 

Competition starts at 2 pm Saturday and noon on Sunday, with sighting in firearms starting an hour earlier. Trails in use include the Biathlon 1 km and 1.25 km. 

It’s been many years since we’ve hosted a biathlon competition: major thanks to Belinda and Doug for making this event happen!

The Yellowknife Gold Loppet sponsored by Gold Terra

Due to COVID we are once again offering a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Loppet! We’ll groom the trails, send out some maps, give you some pointers, and the rest is up to you!
Over 50 km of fresh tracks will be available: Back Bay, Yellowknife Bay, Burwash, Frame Lake, Deh Cho Blvd, Kam Lake, Range Lake, Walsh Lake and Madeline Lake. Thank you to our community of groomers! (Note: we will not be using our ski club trails due to the Polar Cup biathlon event taking place the same day!)
Or if you prefer this version:

Registration ($10, $5 for kids) is now open on

Why register?

  • Get an event package with a fleece-lined buff (available while supplies last – approx 400 for the earliest registrants), map, event bib, Loppet stickers, and Kathi’s cookies
  • Connect with others through our Facebook event page to share questions, goals, stories, and photos
  • Win prizes! (Bluefish kite-flying trip… gift certificates… cookies…)
  • Support the largest ski event in Yellowknife, in a COVID-safe format!

Here are the COVID rules:

  • Choose your own ski adventure from any of the groomed trails in and around town (see map).
  • Please ski clockwise on all trails.  
  • Choose a route that is safe for your level of experience and navigation. 
  • There is no start or finish time, or any check-in/check-out.
  • There are no checkpoints, no patrols and no aid stations.  
  • Make a safety plan. Notify a friend or family of your route and plan. Ski with a buddy if possible. Be aware cellphones may not be functional due to temperature or reception.
  • Bring gear, hydration, clothing in case of injury or emergency. 
  • Please follow COVID regulations from the Chief Public Health Officer. 
  • We want to keep everyone safe, while still enjoying and celebrating the great skiing around Yellowknife. Have fun out there! 

Event Package Pickup and Information

Thank you to the Rotary Club for assembling the event packages!

Note: Buffs are reserved based on earliest registration, not earliest pickup. If your registration page listed an option for a buff, it means you were one of the first 400 and a buff is waiting for you.

Three options:

  • Self-serve pickup starting Thursday March 25, outside the Ski Club Chalet. Look for the yellow Loppet flag and self-serve bins. Please follow written instructions on the clipboard and use the sign-out sheet.


  • In-person pickup for those needing advice or further information, courtesy of Loppet expert Damian Panayi. Come to the Ski Club parking lot Friday March 26 from 2-5 outside the Ski Club Chalet. Look for the yellow Loppet flag.


Photos and Prizes

Enter our draw for prizes by posting a selfie or other photo on facebook or other social media with the hashtag #ykloppet2021, or email for us to share. 

Best Selfie and Best Dressed Skier also win a prize. Get out your capes and costumes!

Prizes include: Bluefish kite-flying expedition! Gift certificates! Cookies!

March break kids ski camp!

For the first time in many years, we’re running a kids ski camp during March break. 

Kids will need to come equipped with skis/boots/poles. No skiing experience necessary!

The camp will run from March 15-19, from noon to five pm, and is for kids ages 8-12. The cost is $250 plus ski club membership ($40 per kid). 

This camp will be led by fun and energetic athletes from our high performance ski team. 

Register, and find more details, on


More adult ski lessons starting this weekend!

We’ve added a new set of beginner classic ski lessons to take advantage of the nice weather. 

This course is for adults who are relatively new to skiing. We’ll cover fundamental techniques that will quickly improve your comfort on skis and skiing ability. 

This course will include four lessons from 1-3 pm over four Sundays: Feb. 21, Feb. 28, March 7 and March 14. 

Location: Ski Club chalet

Register here on

Cost: $80, plus $40 trail fee for non-members. (Note, if you rent skis from Overlander, trail fees are waived for the duration of the rental.)

Please arrive 15 minutes early, dressed warm, with skis waxed. Access to the chalet remains limited by our COVID exposure plan. (That is, the chalet is used for changing and storing equipment while skiing, but not for socializing. Guests are asked to wear masks, follow the signage and NOT enter the chalet if self-isolating for any reason.)

Ski-at-School is launched!

The Yellowknife Ski Club has officially kicked off a new Ski-at-School program designed to share our love of skiing with kids who are not currently accessing our youth programming. We hope to eliminate some of the systemic barriers we know exist by offering support to new and existing school ski programs during regular class hours or as after-school programs. Club coaches are sharing their knowledge — primarily through games that introduce fundamental techniques — to help make skiing a fun, positive part of physical education programs already in place. 

The Ski-at-School program will also aim to empower more teachers to use existing school ski equipment by helping them build confidence on snow and in ski instruction. We are offering a FREE “Skiing 101” workshops for teachers on the Feb. 26 professional development day. For more information or to sign up contact Kerry Wheler at or Shirley Zouboules at

We are thankful for the ongoing support from Cross Country NWT as well as new additional funding from Nordiq Canada, AltaGas, and the GNWT Regional Youth Sport Events program that makes this initiative possible. These amazing partners are making it possible to create and strengthen community bonds, while empowering our NWT youth to be physically active, lifelong skiers! 

Questions/Comments/Feedback? Reach programs director Bernadette Knox: (And thanks so much to our volunteer, Bernadette, for making this happen!)