HP ski waxing service – We want your feedback!

Every year, the Yellowknife Ski Club’s high-performance program puts on a waxing service during the Snow Show and Wax & Wine where HP skiers wax skis for $25/pair. In recent years this service has been extended to include other stand-alone waxing days during the year. This is an important fundraiser for our skiers and they want to ensure they are providing a quality service that meets the needs of our community.
Whether you have had your skis waxed by the HP skiers or not, they are interested in your feedback! Please take this short survey:
 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/L7HHNX3 before April 30, 2023.
Thanks for taking the time! 

2023 Yellowknife Gold Loppet Success!

Thank you to everyone to participated in the 2023 Yellowknife Gold Loppet! We had 470 registrants! Our biggest loppet ever! By all accounts it was a huge success, thanks in large part to our volunteers and sponsors!

Gold Terra – Signature Sponsor
CCNWT – Sponsor
Weatherby Trucking – Vee Lake Parking Lot 
C Heal Construction – Loading Ramp
True North Rotary – Chili Servers
Sarah Beattie -Coordinator
Alyssa Titus – Coordinator
John Stephenson – Coordinator
Robert Tumchewics – Lead Groomer
Sean Marshall – Groomer
Chris Hrkac – Groomer
Dave Speakman – Groomer
John Buckland – Groomer
Shamus Gordon – Groomer
Kathi Woodward – Cookie Baker Extraordinaire
Damian Panayi – Gear Prep
Bryce Pippy – Master Tracker
Jean-Marie Mariez – Parking Lot Attendant
Satish Garikaparthi – Parking Lot Attendant
Dave Taylor – Safety Rider
Hawley Zytaruk – Safety Rider
John Ketchum – Safety Rider
Sarah Beattie – Jackson Checkpoint Host
Keelen Simpson – Jackson Checkpoint Host
Shannon Jennings – Jackson Checkpoint Host
Anthony Ellendt – Banting Checkpoint Host
Antje Rilk – Banting Checkpoint Host
Emma Ambury – Banting Checkpoint Host
Sandra Scott – Gear Expeditor
Trent Waterhouse – Gear Expeditor
Brian Latham – Registration Booth
Linda Zachariassen – Registration Booth
Jocelyn Apps – Registration Booth
Aggie Brockman – Registration Booth
Caitlyn Chappell – Registration Booth & Soup Team
Meghan Schnurr – Registration Booth & Soup Team
Bernadette Knox – Registration Booth
Nicola Langille – Registration Booth
Jennie Rausch – Registration Booth
Wendy Stephenson – Registration Booth
Michele Culhane – Start/Finish Line Attendant
Martin Rourke – Start/Finish Line Attendant
Ariel Whaley – Start/Finish Line Attendant & Soup Team
Caroline Pollock – Start/Finish Line Attendant
Jason Johnston – Start/Finish Line Attendant
Michael Gilday – Firewood
Hilary Jones – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Michael Kalnay – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Jennifer Loughery – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Bryan Manson – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Avery Parle – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Gordon Van Tighem – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Ajay Chauhan – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Erin O’Rourke – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Cameron Twa – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer                                                        
Vic Barr – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer


Register for the 2023 Yellowknife Gold Loppet!

The 2023 Yellowknife Gold Loppet, sponsored by Gold Terra is Sunday, April 2, 2023. Click here to register!

The Yellowknife Gold Loppet is a non-race event for skiers of all ages and abilities. Skiers can choose from 4km, 15km and 25km distances, and enjoy homemade chili and bread from Sundog Trading Post at the Yellowknife Ski Club chalet afterwards. The event begins at the Vee Lake boat launch.