The Yellowknife Ski Club offers a range of programs to advance skills and encourage healthy living. We have the following lessons for a variety of ages and abilities. For more information any of these programs, please send us an email.

Jackrabbits: A national ski program that offers lessons to our youngest skiers, starting at Bunnyrabbits (4-5 year old) and Jackrabbits (6+ years old).  Lessons are every Saturday afternoon at the Club.

Track Attack: For youth ages 9-13 who have completed Jackrabbits or reached a comparable skill level in skiing.  The program focuses on skill development, fitness, training and (for those interested) introduction to competitive skiing.  Lessons offered on Monday, Thursday and Saturday each week.

Go Girls Go:For girls ages 13-17 who want to improve  their fitness, skiing ability and socialize with other teenaged girls.  This is a recreational ski program with fun lessons; we di no ski fast.  Group meets Saturdays at 1:30 pm.  In addition, some night skis (with pizza) are planned organised.  This program is all about having FUN, so no skiing ability is required.

Senior High Performance: For youth ages 13 + who have completed the Jackrabbit and/or Track Attack program or have reached a comparable skill level in skiing.  Training is varied and challenging (but also lots of fun) and the focus is on improving technique, increasing efficiency (speed), fitness and participation in ski races.  Some extra expenses may be incurred and the group fundraises to help offset race travel and equipment costs.

Biathlon: The hardest sport there is. Biathlon is a challenging combination of skate skiing and target shooting. This program is offered to skiers already registered in other programs.

Skiing Parents: Parents get to ski and the kids enjoy playing so everyone goes home happy! There are toys for the kids, and a big open space to use them. Skiing parents meet several mornings per week.

Chix on Stix: Women’s Recreational Evening Ski – Join us for a few loops around the lit trails or venture off on other trails guided by moonlight or headlamps. Après-ski social often follows. All levels welcome.

Adult Lessons: For adults who want to learn to ski in the tracks (classic technique).  Lessons include diagonal stride and uphill/downhill techniques.  Lessons are offered to Club members and non-members on a requested basis. Send the Club an email for more information.