Blachford Lake Lodge Spirit Awards

Our 30th annual Blachford Lake Lodge Spirit Awards went to several young skiers last weekend. 

The Blachford Lake Lodge Jackrabbit Spirit Award was created in 1989/90 by the original lodge owners, Freeland and Bob Stephen. Both men had children in the program and saw a need to recognize young athletes who demonstrated spirit and positive attitude and attendance. We believe these are the longest continuous awards in the N.W.T. ski community. 

This year’s winners for Anya Marshall and Barrow Wray for Bunnies; Quinn Vander VEen Kielstra for Level 1; Finn Marshall for Level 2; Vaida Marrai and Leah Stephenson for Level 3; Jack Lyall for Level 4; Ana Maria Villegas for Mixed Ages; and Carys Lyall for Go Ski. Yes, those Lyalls are siblings. Props to Devin for having such great kids. 

Thanks to all our volunteer coaches for making last year a great ski year. (And to Alex Lothian for the photo of our Level 2, 3, 4 and Mixed Ages winners.)