The Yellowknife Gold Loppet sponsored by Gold Terra

Due to COVID we are once again offering a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Loppet! We’ll groom the trails, send out some maps, give you some pointers, and the rest is up to you!
Over 50 km of fresh tracks will be available: Back Bay, Yellowknife Bay, Burwash, Frame Lake, Deh Cho Blvd, Kam Lake, Range Lake, Walsh Lake and Madeline Lake. Thank you to our community of groomers! (Note: we will not be using our ski club trails due to the Polar Cup biathlon event taking place the same day!)
Or if you prefer this version:

Registration ($10, $5 for kids) is now open on

Why register?

  • Get an event package with a fleece-lined buff (available while supplies last – approx 400 for the earliest registrants), map, event bib, Loppet stickers, and Kathi’s cookies
  • Connect with others through our Facebook event page to share questions, goals, stories, and photos
  • Win prizes! (Bluefish kite-flying trip… gift certificates… cookies…)
  • Support the largest ski event in Yellowknife, in a COVID-safe format!

Here are the COVID rules:

  • Choose your own ski adventure from any of the groomed trails in and around town (see map).
  • Please ski clockwise on all trails.  
  • Choose a route that is safe for your level of experience and navigation. 
  • There is no start or finish time, or any check-in/check-out.
  • There are no checkpoints, no patrols and no aid stations.  
  • Make a safety plan. Notify a friend or family of your route and plan. Ski with a buddy if possible. Be aware cellphones may not be functional due to temperature or reception.
  • Bring gear, hydration, clothing in case of injury or emergency. 
  • Please follow COVID regulations from the Chief Public Health Officer. 
  • We want to keep everyone safe, while still enjoying and celebrating the great skiing around Yellowknife. Have fun out there! 

Event Package Pickup and Information

Thank you to the Rotary Club for assembling the event packages!

Note: Buffs are reserved based on earliest registration, not earliest pickup. If your registration page listed an option for a buff, it means you were one of the first 400 and a buff is waiting for you.

Three options:

  • Self-serve pickup starting Thursday March 25, outside the Ski Club Chalet. Look for the yellow Loppet flag and self-serve bins. Please follow written instructions on the clipboard and use the sign-out sheet.


  • In-person pickup for those needing advice or further information, courtesy of Loppet expert Damian Panayi. Come to the Ski Club parking lot Friday March 26 from 2-5 outside the Ski Club Chalet. Look for the yellow Loppet flag.


Photos and Prizes

Enter our draw for prizes by posting a selfie or other photo on facebook or other social media with the hashtag #ykloppet2021, or email for us to share. 

Best Selfie and Best Dressed Skier also win a prize. Get out your capes and costumes!

Prizes include: Bluefish kite-flying expedition! Gift certificates! Cookies!