Banting Lake Tent

Photo by Sean Sinclair

Aurora over the Banting Lake tent. (Photo by Sean Sinclair)

The Yellowknife Ski Club has a 16×14 canvas tent available for use by club members free of charge. The tent is on a lease about 10 km from the Vee Lake Landing and has a plywood floor, wood stove and basic equipment for overnight backcountry experiences.
To book the tent, call Doug Townson or Julie Ward at 867-444-8466 or email View the availability calendar here
This brochure has a map with directions (as well as GPS coordinates). You can ski, snowmobile or get someone to drop you off by snowmachine.

Non-members must sign the club’s waiver before using the facility. Non-members can make reservations only two weeks in advance given the popularity of the tent. The Banting Lake Tent Project is funded by donation and not from the general operations of the club, so donations are welcome.

Amenities: The tent has a small porch, perfect for those sunny afternoons or for aurora watching. Inside is a 14×16 wooden floor, large wood stove and small picnic table. Behind the tent is a great outhouse. Inside the tent (or underneath the frame) are a broom, garbage can, swede saw (for cutting wood), two old foamies, large pot for melting water, water pails and some other odds and ends.

If you plan to head out, here are some suggested items you will need at a minimum (remember – this is backcountry camping!):

  • Sleeping bags
  • Thermarests
  • Cooking gear
  • Axe
  • Food
  • Candles
  • Lantern
  • Flashlight
  • Toilet paper
  • Dish soap
  • Coleman stove
  • Fuel (unless you plan to cook on the wood stove)
  • For water, you can either melt snow or bring an auger to make a hole in the lake and get water.

Rules for Use: To ensure the wall tent is in good working order for the next group, please respect the following simple rules along with the standard backcountry etiquette that goes along with any outing:

  • When emptying dish water or other used water, dump it out behind and to the right of the tent. This way, people (kids) won’t fall or play in dirty snow.
  • Leave some kindling and wood for the next user.
  • Sweep out the tent when you leave.
  • Take all garbage – leave the place cleaner than you found it!
  • Empty out the water pails – this is critical as water left in the pail will crack the bottom.
  • Zip up the tent.
  • Report any damage or things needing repair to the Club.