Trail Emergencies

What should I do if there is an emergency on the ski trails?

If someone gets hurt out on the trail and can’t get back to the ski lodge, call the Fire Department at 873-2222 for trail rescue assistance. Tell the Fire Department what has happened. This information is very important as it may affect the type of equipment and number of personnel dispatched to the scene.  Also provide the following information:

  • Where is the injured person?
  • Where is the closest point of access?  Any helpful points of reference like a named part of the trail?  (always have a map handy when you are on the trails)
  • Will they need snowmachine/sled rescue?
  • What kind of injury – fracture, cardiac, conscious?

The Fire Department has snowmachines and rescue sleds to bring emergency responders and rescue equipment out on the trails.

If possible, leave someone with the injured person and send another person to call for help. While you are waiting for help to arrive:
  • Give basic first aid and keep the injured person warm.
  • Avoid moving the injured person.
  • If in winter, warn approaching skiers by putting skies in an ‘X’ in the trail.
  • Have someone meet the Fire Department at the lodge in a visible location to take them to the injured person.