COVID-19 update Nov. 6, 2020: The Yellowknife Ski Club has now posted a season plan taking new public health restrictions into account. Read the full document here for information on changes to programming. For further details: Below, you’ll find a general overview of our programs.

The Yellowknife Ski Club offers a range of programs to advance skills and encourage healthy living. We have the following lessons for a variety of ages and abilities. Here’s a summary of what we offer, for more information, contact us.


A national ski program that offers lessons to our youngest skiers, starting at Bunnyrabbits (4-5 years old) and Jackrabbits (6+ years old). Lessons are every Saturday from 2 to 3 p.m. Show up early so that lessons start on time. Parents welcome to join younger classes, so you can learn to ski with your kids!  Fees are $40 for the season. Email us at if you have questions. Or, for more information, download the following documents: Things To Consider When Buying Kids X-C Gear (PDF)Ski Waxing primer for Jackrabbits (PDF)

And here’s the information sheet for parents in the 2020/2021 ski season: Jackrabbits welcome letter 2020-2021.

Track Attack

For youth ages 9-13 who have completed Jackrabbits or reached a comparable skill level in skiing. The program focuses on skill development, fitness, training and (for those interested) introduction to competitive skiing. Lessons offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings each week. Fees are $120 for the season, or $160 including skate ski rental.


  • The ski club is currently working to revive its biathlon program. If you have skills you’d like to share, please reach us at In the meantime, we are not currently accepting new biathletes. 

The sport of biathlon combines two skills: ski endurance and rifle marksmanship. It also teaches firearm safety along with skiing and shooting skills. We are currently offering biathlon for kids age 10 and older (Senior Boys and Senior Girls). As our main focus is on safety and shooting, we ask that our participants also register for either Track Attack or High Performance to build on their skiing ability and overall fitness.

The fees for Midget (age 10 and under), Juvenile (age 11 and 12) and Junior (age 13 and 14) boys and girls are $250 for the season; for Senior (age 15 and 16) boys and girls, the fees are $290 for the season (due to the higher membership rates).  Fees include program registration, NWT Biathlon Association Membership (insurance), rifle rental and ammunition for the year. We also have dedicated Biathlon Trails Map.

Go Ski

Nov. 7, 2020: This year, we’ve merged Go Ski with Jackrabbits, so any child who fits into this category should get in touch with Our Track Attack group is also open to skiers of all abilities. Email for more information. 

This is a recreational ski program for youth who have completed Jackrabbits or who are new to skiing. Anyone ages 9-13 who wants to improve their skiing ability and fitness and simply enjoy skiing are welcome! At first we will be practicing cross country ski techniques and hill skills. Once we are comfortable on the hills, we will be exploring the beautiful trails. We hope to see wildlife, animal tracks and plan to ski down the ravine to visit the old graveyard and the wonderful frozen waterfalls. For the 2019/2020 season, the Go Ski group will run from 2 to 3 on Saturday afternoons (same time as Jackrabbits). There may also be opportunities for night skiing along the lit trails and to participate in the annual loppet. Fees are $40 for the season.

High Performance

For youth ages 13 + who have completed the Jackrabbit and/or Track Attack program or have reached a comparable skill level in skiing. Training is varied and challenging (but also lots of fun) and the focus is on improving technique, increasing efficiency (speed), fitness and participation in ski races.  Fees are $200 for the season. Some extra expenses may be incurred and the group fundraises to help offset race travel and equipment costs.

Skiing Parents

  • Note: we are not offering this program in 2020/2021 due to public health restrictions around COVID-19.

Parents get to ski and the kids enjoy playing so everyone goes home happy! There are toys for the kids, and a big open space to use them. Skiing parents meet several mornings per week. Fees are $20 for the season.

Chix on Stix

Women’s Recreational Evening Ski – Join us for a few loops around the lit trails or venture off on other trails guided by moonlight or headlamps. Après-ski social often follows. All levels welcome.

We do not currently have a lead person on this for the 2019/2020 season. If you’d like to take that on, or express interest in taking part:

Adult Lessons

We’ve offered group and private lessons in the past, covering both intermediate and beginner skiers. You can read up on a previous season’s lessons here

Ski rentals

The Yellowknife Ski Club does not current rent out any ski equipment. 

Skis can be rented at Overlander Sports. People who rent skis from Overlander are welcome to use our trails for free. 

Conversely, Overlander offers 10% off ski equipment and accessories, including poles, wax and ski bags, to all Yellowknife Ski Club members. Just print off the email receipt you received from when you registered or your Cross Country Canada membership card and bring it to the shop.