Grooming and maintaining our trails is one of the primary activities of our club. 

Our grooming crew is made up of volunteers. They operate in three teams, one that grooms Monday, one Thursday and one Friday. They’re usually out later in the evening, but this can change depending on schedules and snowfall.

If you happen to come across groomers while skiing, here’s a few things to note:

  • Be careful: the groomers sometimes go backwards on the trails (unlike all of our wonderfully behaved skiers);
  • Groomers get right of way;
  • And please do NOT ski in tracks directly behind the groomers. The tracks need time to set so they will endure. Nothing will irritate a groomer more than someone visibly enjoying fresh tracks. Best to just steer clear.

To learn more about grooming, or to join our crew, contact our trails director Sean Marshall at