2023 Yellowknife Gold Loppet Success!

Thank you to everyone to participated in the 2023 Yellowknife Gold Loppet! We had 470 registrants! Our biggest loppet ever! By all accounts it was a huge success, thanks in large part to our volunteers and sponsors!

Gold Terra – Signature Sponsor
CCNWT – Sponsor
Weatherby Trucking – Vee Lake Parking Lot 
C Heal Construction – Loading Ramp
True North Rotary – Chili Servers
Sarah Beattie -Coordinator
Alyssa Titus – Coordinator
John Stephenson – Coordinator
Robert Tumchewics – Lead Groomer
Sean Marshall – Groomer
Chris Hrkac – Groomer
Dave Speakman – Groomer
John Buckland – Groomer
Shamus Gordon – Groomer
Kathi Woodward – Cookie Baker Extraordinaire
Damian Panayi – Gear Prep
Bryce Pippy – Master Tracker
Jean-Marie Mariez – Parking Lot Attendant
Satish Garikaparthi – Parking Lot Attendant
Dave Taylor – Safety Rider
Hawley Zytaruk – Safety Rider
John Ketchum – Safety Rider
Sarah Beattie – Jackson Checkpoint Host
Keelen Simpson – Jackson Checkpoint Host
Shannon Jennings – Jackson Checkpoint Host
Anthony Ellendt – Banting Checkpoint Host
Antje Rilk – Banting Checkpoint Host
Emma Ambury – Banting Checkpoint Host
Sandra Scott – Gear Expeditor
Trent Waterhouse – Gear Expeditor
Brian Latham – Registration Booth
Linda Zachariassen – Registration Booth
Jocelyn Apps – Registration Booth
Aggie Brockman – Registration Booth
Caitlyn Chappell – Registration Booth & Soup Team
Meghan Schnurr – Registration Booth & Soup Team
Bernadette Knox – Registration Booth
Nicola Langille – Registration Booth
Jennie Rausch – Registration Booth
Wendy Stephenson – Registration Booth
Michele Culhane – Start/Finish Line Attendant
Martin Rourke – Start/Finish Line Attendant
Ariel Whaley – Start/Finish Line Attendant & Soup Team
Caroline Pollock – Start/Finish Line Attendant
Jason Johnston – Start/Finish Line Attendant
Michael Gilday – Firewood
Hilary Jones – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Michael Kalnay – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Jennifer Loughery – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Bryan Manson – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Avery Parle – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Gordon Van Tighem – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Ajay Chauhan – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Erin O’Rourke – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer
Cameron Twa – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer                                                        
Vic Barr – Rotary Club – Chalet Volunteer